Demolition Contractors in MA & RI

Demolition Contractors in MA & RI

Are you looking for demolition contractors in MA and RI? Look no further! Jim Pike Plastering and Painting are your best option for clean, fast, and stress-free demolition project. For interior remodels, we are one of the best demolition companies in the area. We have residential demolition contractors that know how to complete a renovation or remodeling project quickly. Our demolition services are reasonably priced for our clients from Mattapoisett to Providence. And we have commercial demolition contractors ready to help with any small business renovations that you need to be done.

Demolition Companies Near Me

The best demolition companies are those that finish a project without causing any unintended issues. Companies often cause those issues by rushing through a project, or by having poor oversight. Fortunately, we have a trained team of professionals that avoid costly mistakes on the job. That’s why our clients come back year after year. And since 1985, Jim Pike has cultivated a reputation as someone who gets a job done right the first time. At the end of the day, our demolition contractors know that it is the results that count. So we work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction with our work.
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Residential Demolition Contractors

The job of a residential demolition contractor is to ensure that you feel that your needs were met. In addition, you should feel that we completed your project as intended. That means bringing the best information to bear for the most efficient and effective means of finishing a project. And at the end of a job, our demolition services must have produced a happy and satisfied client. As a result, we don’t stop until you are entirely satisfied with the work that we have done.
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Demolition Services

Renovations can be a stressful time for any homeowner or business owner. Along with new construction comes the need to maintain a semblance of order. Some businesses can afford to close as they are remodeling. Others have to find a way to stay open despite the disruption. That’s why our demolition services acknowledge the importance of minimizing our impact on the building as we do a job. And for owners that are staying in their home during a renovation, the need for a clean and orderly job is doubled. As a result, we take each and every job as seriously as if it were our own homes.

Commercial Demolition Contractors

Getting a commercial demolition contractor can be a daunting process. There are certain needs that come with renovating a business that only they know how to handle. For instance, crafting a space that will remain up to code. That is just as important as creating a functional and livable environment for your customers. But most important of all is that we follow and enrich the owner’s vision for their business. When you work with our commercial demolition contractors, or with our residential demolition contractors, you will find that we value detail and craftsmanship above all else. So call us today, and let’s get started on your next project.

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